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Best Bluetooth Smart Watches For Android and iPhone Smartphones

Android Galaxy Gear 2 Neo Smart Watches For Men and WomenTechnology is making its ways into our lives and we are seeing more and more personal electronics devices such as computers, smartphones etc. For past couple of years innovation of wearable electronics has carved its way into more popular men and women accessory the watch that lets you do more through your worn wrist watch. Although men watches has been the ideal case since they tend to wear more than women but smart watches makers are considering both gender groups as their end users. Initially they are introduced as a smartphone enhancement/ add-on gadgets that’s always connected with your smartphone via a Bluetooth link and keeps you updated with mobile phone status. Globally, watch makers are producing smart wearable watches in numerous sizes and shapes. There has been a growing demand of smart wrist watches internationally and with the introduction of more intriguing technology will definitely giving a boost in the interest of consumers and in upcoming future we will be seeing an extreme increase in demand of smart watches. This is just the introduction, once the technology reach masses the technology will grow and in couple of years there will be enormous growth expected by the marketing analysts, one important factor is introduction of much waited for Apple Watch which is making its way into the global market in near future.

How Bluetooth Smart Watch Different From Traditional Wrist Watches?

What are Smart Watches? Features of This Must Have Personal Wearable Gadget?

customize display themes for your smart watches screen.Basically it looks physically like an ordinary watch but with one exception of having small built-in mini computer with an LCD/ LED touchscreen display. In a nutshell a smart watch does more than just a time keeping device, it serves as personal organizer and entertainment device. Enhancement capabilities allows it to connect with your smartphone, computer though Bluetooth and let you access digital content such as music tunes, images, videos and even voice call session. Read messages, email and call your friends and family right from your nearest located tech gadget. Now execute your daily routine related personal organizational tasks better than ever by setting Alarms, reminders, stopwatch etc. Now is the right time to replace your old manual or battery powered timepiece with a technology upgrade by owing a smart watch.

Apple Watch is Now Ready For The World

Apple Smart Watch | Apple Sports Watch | Apple Luxury Watch

Apple has been working hard to make it’s mark on the smart watch market and releasing the first model under Apple flagship iWatch in early 2015. Apple has built plain, sports and luxury variants in  38mm, 42mm sizes with rubber and stainless steel bands, so definitely there will be Apple watches for men, women and kids. They claim to building all-in-one an intelligent personal gadget for the purpose timekeeping, entertainment, communication and  keep track of your health and fitness needs. No wonder that most of the iPhone owners will prefer iWatch to couple with their iOS based phone, there are other options available in the market to work as Apple phone add-on but marketing gurus are anticipating to see a huge burst of demand of Apple watch in 2015.

Apple Watch Stainless Steel BandiWatch Sports Edition

Top Rated Wearable Samsung Galaxy Gear SmartWatch Series

Galaxy Gear Family – Gear S | Galaxy Gear | Gear 2 | Gear Fit | Gear Live

Samsung started producing galaxy gear watches as an add-on for its much appreciated globally popular android S series smartphones.Most of the time we keep our smartphone in your pockets and whenever you need to answer a call or read a message, traditionally you simply take out your phone out and use it upon a ringing or vibration notification. This is the area where this handy add-on comes in, you will instead receive the call right on the display of your worn watch and answer directly from your wrist. Samsung has innovated a sophisticated S Voice recognition software that respond your speech commands to perform numerous tasks. Now create quick voice memos for your phone without picking out of your pocket, gear watch will automatically save the memo on your phone that you can read later. This is helpful when you need to save immediate notes on your phone. Your smart watches are also equipped with a mini camera that lets you create memographs which are quick image or video snapshots when you have no time to waste on picking your phone out. The best android based smart watch, each model of gear watch family comes with variety of colored straps options, you can pick the color that suits your taste.


  • Gear “S”: “This is a marvelous timepiece which is revolutionary and stylish, crafted in cleverly in curved fashion to provide more viewing area. Pioneer in network connected wearable gadget, With WiFi, 3G, and Bluetooth Gear S delivers  multiple connectivity options to users. This makes it easy to access call and messages when your phone is away. Easily Write text messages by utilizing onscreen keyboard. The wide 2” super Amoled display provide enriched smart wearable experience. Powerful GPS navigation helps you find your way easily, instantly get world news snapshots, weather and health tips to stay fit.
  • Galaxy “Gear”: Made in a lightweight design so you will not mind wearing it for the entire day long. Works as a efficient personal assistant to keep you track accurately with you daily tasks. Some of the key features of gear 1 includes: answer calls directly from your wrist watch, smart relay to get quick glance of SMS notifications, S voice recognition for quick speech commands. Find My Device to easily locate your mobile phone, auto lock-unlock to keep it password free while you have gear worn and within a 5 feet radius.
  • Gear “2”: Built to deliver epic high quality display on sAMOLED screen. Gear 2 and Neo provides instant notifications through seamless communication manner by receiving/ sending to/ from your phone. Splendid outlook with fully custom editable themes with wallpapers, clock designs to make your watch to look the way you like it. Easily change straps to match your dressing needs because you have freedom to choose between bands in different color schemes.
  • Gear “Fit”:  A high end dust and water proof smart gadget built in an ergonomic design to fit well on your wrist in vertically curved fashion to give you more workable display. Lastly the multiple color straps comes as standard option. Works flawlessly as your personal fitness assistant. The “S Health”  tracks your running and jogging patterns in real-time to give you tips to stay healthy and fit.
  • Gear “Live”:  The beautiful vivid display powered with android wear by Google makes it a unique watch, built in button-less design to leave an impression of stylish wrist watch, though an ideal design for women. Ready to rock in all weather conditions and prove to be great companion for picnic and adventure trips. Choose between variety of clock designs to set as screen-saver which can be changed by touching the screen.

Best Selling Sony Smart Watches in Elegant Designs

Intelligently Built To Suit Your Urban, Professional And Leisure Lifestyle Needs

Sony is among the electronics giants that has joined the battle of smart gadgets after it’s success in smartphone venture. Result of their android based product was overwhelming, now stands as top smart watch maker with three models: Smartwatch 1, SW 2 and SW 3, whereas the later is the latest model in the family of Sony wrist watches. One simple watch that serve as enhancement to your android smartphone, delivers notifications instantly to keep you updated and get going with everyday work. Some of the main features includes the text message notifications, calendar reminders, get Facebook and twitter updates etc. A simple and user friendly user interface allows you to get internet apps to perform variety of tasks such as weather, music, email etc., a wide range of compatible apps are available on Google play store. Access and play your favorite songs from your your mobile phone right from your watch screen. Last but not the least, display analogue or digital clock, though the main purpose of any watch. Sony set new standards in smartphone production by introducing water proof and dust resistant phones, so in order to keep the rhythm going, this technology transferred into watch production.


  • SmartWatch One “SW”: An elegant looking remote control for your android powered mobile phone, though smallest size in the three models. One downside for the model 1 is that it is not water proof and should be handled with care to avoid damage. Easy to use with any android powered mobile device to make life easier than ever. From end user point of view the design is simple that suits both men and women.
  • SmartWatch Two “SW2”: This wireless phone remote is second in the series that deliver better speed and display than previous model.  The sunlight readable screen makes it more practical whereas the water-resistance nature allows you to wear in all weather conditions such as while jogging under rain. In order to keep track with competitors such as Samsung and Pebble, Sony introduced new features in SW2 software updates that includes WatchFace editor that enables the user to organize the home screen view to their liking with multiple clock styles and plenty of epic widgets for numerous purposes.
  • SmartWatch Three “SW3”: The latest in the series of Sony watch powered by a 1.2 GHz quad-core A7 processor and 512 MB of RAM and long lasting 420mAh battery. A future ready watch that supports WiFi, GPS and NFC in order to cope up with growing demands in new apps development. There are some negative customer reviews regarding the overall look of the watch which people anticipate will fade away when Sony will introduce attractive wrist bands for this smart device.

Pebble Brings The Number One Smart Watches in Market

iPhone & Android E-Ink/ E-Paper Smart Watch with Seven Days Battery Timing

Pebble is one of the top smart watch maker that has challenged the big giants in smart device industry with it unique e-ink display based watches that only uses black and white or grayscale format. According to Forbes, CNET, The Verge, Pebble is top gadget in Wearable Tech of 2014, whereas Amazon online store has rated Pebble as its bestseller item in “Smart Watches and Accessories” category. The electronic paper display is simple and effective yet result in incredible battery saving and enables you to keep on going for several days without a recharge. One of the crucial factor of success for Pebble watches is ease of compatibility with both Apple iPhone an Android Bluetooth connected devices. Last but not the least it offers a scratch + water resistance so you never have to worry of damaging due to careless behavior or by accident. The uniqueness comes with its e-ink based screen with following features: Daylight readability under direct sunlight where other super expensive watches fails to compete. E-paper display consumes minute amount of battery power and let’s you use watch with up to 7 days of battery timing. Might not be a suitable for buyers seeking a watch with touchscreen and colorful display. Currently two amazing smart watches are introduced in the market with an overwhelming response from consumers across the globe.


  • Pebble Watch:  Now you do not need to charge your watch daily, nor alternate days like you normally do with your mobile phone, Pebble innovative e-paper output result in unimaginable battery saving and your gadget can easily last between 5-7 days. The fitness assistance app helps you workout better by keeping track of your walking, biking, sleeping, swimming and other movement routines.
  • Pebble Steel: This model is same as first version except for its marine-grade brushed stainless steel case which is polycarbonate material in previous model. Get instant onscreen notifications regarding calls, text messages and emails. Go deep underwater diving while wearing your watch because it can easily withstand water pressure of up to 50 meter depths. So no worries when you shower or swim with Pebble tied to your wrist. Customize your watch face or install iOS or Android compatible apps by downloading directly from Pebble appstore.

Motorolla’s Unique Round Shaped Moto360 in Sports Design

An Exceptional Addition to Wearable Tech – Moto360 | Moto360 Steel

Motorolla has joined the race of smartwear with its sports style round shaped moto360 with a thick metal case which gives a look of classic analogue time keeper crafted in an elegant design, though challenging all the popular smartwatch makers who are focusing on rectangular design. Powered by latest android wear platform to offer the effecient use of smart gadget. State of the art android features will keep you organized for work and fitness needs, impressive apps for weather, event/ travel management, health and fitness will ensure you stay ahead in professional manner. Motorola has launched the first model with a leather band which undoubtedly looks beautiful, however a second variant of same watch that contains a stainless steel band, suitable for both casual and formal dressing needs. Basically there are two smart watches in one model with minor exterior changes.

Moto360 Leather BandMoto360 Stainless Steel Bandmoto360 on Amazon online store

  • Moto360: The display is strikingly beautiful especailly when you make the watch face to display realistic analogue clock. Available in Matte Black and Shiny Silver steel watch case options, whereas you can choose between gray or black bands. Finally the IP67-rated water and dust resistance comes as standard. The display is strikingly beautiful especially when you make the watch face to display realistic analogue clock. Available in Matte Black and Shiny Silver steel watch case options, whereas you can choose between gray or black bands. Finally the IP67-rated water and dust resistance comes as standard. Some reviews indicates it is somewhat large in size and battery life is not built for practical real life needs in mind.