Mens Dress Shoes By Top Fashion Shoe Brands

Mens Dress Shoes For a Perfect Gentleman Look

People present themselves beautiful and good personality holder, this trend remains constant throughout the society, whether you are a student, businessman, employee, or a sportsman, a good pair of standard dress shoes is way to go for  formal and smart casual dressing.  Our outer look has a deep impact on how people around perceive about you and other interaction (people will notice how you speak, eat food  and handle different situations.) are secondary, since the first and foremost thing that they will notice about you is the dressing. As you guys know that mostly men are conscious to wear high quality dress shoes because it reflect your excellent personality furthermore your mental perception on how you treat yourself.  Because everything which is related to your presentation should be good to give you confident. In the later section, we will provide reviews of some popular brands that manufacture high end mens dress shoes mainly oxfords, Wing tip, Cap toe etc ideally for formal/ office use and will serve as a guide to selecting your next branded dress shoes.

What are the best dress shoes for men?

How to Choose a Good Pair of Shoes For Formal Wear?

Important Factors Men Should Note While Selecting A Good Dress Shoe Brand?

Black and tan/ brown color shoes are perfect and preferred by businessmen and job holders as it reflects a true office friendly dressing however you will also witness cordoan, oxblood, burgundy, chestnut, white color dress shoes worn by men globally. For best quality and long lasting use standard dress shoes are made with genuine leather that includes the whole design (lining, outers and sole), non-leather materials also used in shoe manufacturing such as rubber etc. Usually shoes are made with pieces of leather and seams that can be styled in various ways. Necessary thing is to check quality of leather if it shinny or not, then how flexible is sole by bending it, a good sole will little bit soft while bending. For most dress suits and tuxedo oxfords are the standard lace up shoe choice, there are bunch of other designs (loafers, derbies, slip-on, monk shoes etc) that are also used worldwide by men. For the best online shopping experience, a good rule of the thumb is to read customer reviews and the rating they give to a particular shoe model, this information will be of great help, since it will be shared knowledge of the people who has actually used it. A five star rating and positive customer reviews means the item under discussion is good value for your money.

Top 5 Brands of Men’s Dress Shoes – Best Seller Reviews

 #1. Allen Edmonds – Most Popular For Manufacturing High Quality Shoes Especially for Men

Allen Edmonds is a very famous shoe brand as a retail ,  based Allen Edmonds high quality mens dress shoes to stay comfortable all day Port Washington, Wisconsin. This company was established in Belgium, Wisconsin in 1922, manufacturing all kind of men and women shoes and has 32 retail outlet or shoe stores in around 17 US states. Allen Edmond use premium quality fine shoe leather and it handcraft each piece via 212-step process. The end result is mind blowing – an elegant pair of dress shoes built for durability, style and comfort. This listing presents you with reviews of best selling mens dress shoe models. Let’s take a look on some awesomely designed shoes receiving the highest reviews by customers. There are many good pair of Allen Edmonds formal shoes in market that makes them one of the coolest name in men’s footwear. Reviews of the most wished for shoe models are as follows:

Nice Brown Shoes For Professional Businessmen

Allen Edmonds Men's Strand Cap-Toe OxfordAllen Edmonds Men’s Strand Cap-Toe Oxford
Amazon Price: $324.95 – $444.95 read more details..

Check Out this brown stylish dress shoes manufactured by Allen Edmonds. This shoes is available in different colors which are Walnut, Black Custom Calf, Black, Bourbon, Dk Brown Burnished calf etc. You can find all sizes of this shoe here, Pure leather and leather sole is used in it. Six-eyelet cap toe Blucher with pref, Pinking and toe medallion. Leather lining, 65 last and single leather sole and regular heel. This model is liked by many people due to its solidness and awesome design

Awesome Looking Black Formal Shoe For Men

Allen Edmonds Men's Park Avenue Cap-Toe OxfordAllen Edmonds Men’s Park Avenue Cap-Toe Oxford
Amazon Price: $297.00 – $399.95 read more information..

Let me give you review about another famous model of Allen Edmonds shoe. This one is also famous if we compare it with other models of Allen Edmond and bestselling products. This shoe is made of fine Leather and sole is also made of long lasting pure leather. The key feature of this oxford is its shiny cap toe separated by a curved lining (subtle seam details) that gives it a unique and refreshing look. For support and durability it is constructed as welted. Cork foot-bed shapes to the foot over time for personalized fit.

Brown Oxford Mens Shoe Made With Soft Calf Leather

Allen-Edmonds Men's Fifth Avenue Walnut Calf OxfordAllen-Edmonds Men’s Fifth Avenue Walnut Calf Oxford
Amazon Price: $329.95 – $387.00 read full review..

This model is manufactured in USA, It’s also pure leather and brogue detail at the cap toe adds a sophisticated edge for this crisp, office ready oxford. Best shoe for businessmen because it is expensive one, most among us who are in to business wants to wear expensive products to look gentleman because the nature of the profession. It is very necessary for any businessmen who is running high standard business that he should look graceful in meetings with other companies and also with their own employees. Fifth avenue Walnut shoe is available in six colors with different sizes, easy to walk in it and good in style.


#2. Johnston And Murphy – A Name of Quality and Comfort Perfectly Built For Durability

Johnson and Murphy Shiny durable Gentlemen Shoes With ever fast growing demand of leather products Johnston and Murphy stands out as one of the oldest American shoemaker (manufacturing shoes since 1850) with specialty in men and women footwear, apparel, leather goods and luggage. J&M has over 160 years of shoe-making experience that makes them extremely hard to beat in terms of quality and innovative designs. Johnston and Murphy are fully passionate and committed to quality and utilizes only the finest quality material to build ultra-durable leather shoes. The end result is high standard mens dress shoes that delivers extra mileage and does not break or worn out for years to come. Many of the customer feedback reveals that their experience of using J&M oxford shoes was extremely successful and they were able to wear them 5 years or more without any problem.

J&M Dress Shoes That Can Last up to a Decade

Ultra Durable Melton Oxford ShoesUltra Durable Melton Oxford Gents Shoes
Amazon Price: $175.00 read more

Melton is a smartly built oxford for both comfort and style, the added impressive shine on the surface makes them look more attractive. In order to satisfy the demands they are available in both ultra shiny black and brown colors. If you read the customer reviews (which are in hundreds), the feedback indicates that these shoes can last up to a decade, now that’s called truly a durable dress shoes. The Optima powered sole technology delivers a nicely built cushion in sole that provides comfortable user experience. The long lasting sole is crafted by joining rubber welt and heel powered by Goodyear.

Epic Blend Between Casual And Dress Designs

Comfortable Well Made Multipurpose Oxford ShoesComfortable Well Made Multipurpose Mens Oxford Shoes
Zappos Price: $145.00 read full description

Shuler Bike oxfords are well made multi-purpose shoes with a fine grain texture on the outer that works great for smart casual and formal dressing need. The dual nature allows you to use them both as walking shoes as well as office shoes and is available in two graceful brown and black color variants. Choose the one that suits your everyday dress needs. The upper portion is crafted using soft tumbled leather in a luxury sheep-skin lining that offers good exhaust of odor out of the shoes. Help your friends and family by recommending this quality dress shoes, any man will love them. Finally this is a great gift item for Christmas, Father’s day, Wedding Anniversary or other important events .

Classic Plain Toe Dress Shoes Constructed For Comfortable Use

Hartley Plain Toe Handsome J&M Dress ShoesHartley Plain Toe Handsome J&M Mens Dress Shoes
Amazon Price: $165.00 go to complete listing

The first impression will be a plain old fashioned shoe but surprisingly this is one of the most popular classic design ever crafted by shoemakers, the plain toe leather shoe made with the finest calfskin for extra comfort for wearing longer period without any break, lastly by using modern innovative breathable texture lining makes them an outstanding pair of men shoes that works well for dress/ tuxedo as well as jeans. You can order either in black or brown color to match your everyday dress needs. For maintaining the classic look, the welt with a flexible rubber outsole is created to deliver classic dress look. In a nutshell, these are nice looking business dress shoes built on a simple design.

#3. Bostonian – Perfectly Made Shiny Shoes For Men’s Formal Dressing

Bostonian number one shoe choice of well dressed menThe shoemaker Bostonian was born when it was founded in 1899 by Charles Jones in Whitman, Massachusetts, later it was bought by Clarks Companies, North America in 1979. For men seeking a good pair of well made dress shoes around $100 price, Bostonian offers a good alternative to many expensive shoe brands without compromising quality and design. Keeping the main focus on quality and cost under an affordable range the company specializes in shoe-making for modern men with a versatile collection of innovative designs for matching suites and jeans. If you are seeking an attractive pair of gents shoes that are great for going to work and wear on important events such as wedding, Anniversary, Christmas, thanksgiving parties etc., then look no further and consider Bostonian as your next shoe brand.

Super Shiny Mens Dress Shoes in Ergonomic Designs

Bostanian Andover Built For Style and ComfortBostonian Andover Built For Style and Comfort
Amazon Price: $120.00 Visit shoe store

This is super black pair of shoe excellently built for office use. The fine outer has a reflective layer that makes highly glossy and shiny surface, the end result is a totally unique looking shoes in black and brown colors to help you choose the right pair with your matching tuxedo or dress suite. There are repeated customers that order the same pair in multiple colors to fulfill their wardrobe collection.  These are destined to last longer since they are made with pure cowhide leather for the whole upper construction which show fine stitch details with common lacing, comfortable footbed and finally an outsole that is made of vegetable tanned leather.

Lightweight and Comfortable Men Shoes in Excellent Design

Bostonian Wendell Superior ComfortBostonian Wendell Superior Comfort
Amazon Price: $90.00 read other customer reviews

If you are one of those customers that desire to find modern lace-up shoes in terms of looks but on the other hand these should be lighter in weight liking walking on air, enabling you to wear them all day long without getting your feet tired/ hurt at the end of the day. Finally an excellent design for good moisture handling is ideal to keep your feet dry and cool in an odor-free environment. Wendell from Bostonian is built to serve these purposes and let you wear for casual and dress needs (jeans, khakis as well as tuxedo, 3-piece suiting). Resulting in owning a pair of good walking shoes that equally works well in work environment.

Unique Wing Tip Design Shoes For Your Special Dressing Needs

Bostonian Alito Are Great Looking Modern ShoesBostonian Alito Are Great Looking Modern Shoes
Amazon Price: $100.00 read about this shoe

Whether you are a student studying in college need to run, ride bike etc, or a businessman need to walk more often and need durable yet comfortable shoes suitable for both everyday use, Bostonian Alito works well in balancing your smart formal and professional footwear needs. Apart from being durable/ tough to break on various hard surfaces, style-wise it has unique wing tip design with suede fine lining details, plus a texture made with mini holes serving two purposes, first is to showcase a modern design and second is to provide easy moisture extraction routes to keep your feet dry even after wearing the whole day.


#4. ECCO – Europe’s Best Shoemaker For Men’s Professional Footwear Needs

Best Europian shoe brand for men.ECCO is Denmark based footwear manufacture which is popular internationally as the top shoemaker from European sub-continent which was started in 1963 by Karl Toosbuy in Bredebro, Denmark. Ever since the company has made worldwide reputation in footwear business and now rank in the list of world’s top 10 shoe brands. The on-going research and development in ergonomic shoe design and manufacturing tools helps ECCO to innovate revolutionary new products under it’s own patented technologies to aid in better products. Like other top brands Ecco shoes does not wear out that easily and will let’s you get going with your everyday footwear needs for several years to come. This is the reason the average customer reviews indicate that their Ecco shoes lasted 3-5 years and they were happy to own well made shoes.

Power and Comfort Ecco Shoes With Total Color Freedom

ECCO Durable Helsinki Bicycle Toe Tie ShoesECCO Durable Helsinki Bicycle Toe Tie Shoes
Amazon Price: $140.00 read more about unique Helsinski ecco shoe

The diversity in color scheme makes it more interesting casual cum formal shoe option for men/ boys because it is available in four awesome themes i.e, Coffee White Mist, Cocoa Brown, Rust Pull up Leather and Black Pull Up Leather, so that you can choose the flavor that suits your taste. The Helsinki Toe Tie Bicycle design let’s you wear them whole day long even while commuting to/ from house to college, office, shop etc. The sole is extra powerful to let you ride bicycle with manual paddling and ensure no wear and tear in near future. The finely engraved brand name is present near lace eyelets will help you find ECCO shoes in your messy wardrobe.

Real Calf leather Ecco Gentlemen Oxfords With a Nice Sheen

Ultimate Lace-Up ECCO Windsor Apron Tie ShoesUltimate Lace-Up ECCO Windsor Apron Tie Shoes
Amazon Price: $250.00 read more information about..

Windsor Apron is built to deliver a modern and sleek design that fits well over your feet, made with real calf-skin leather to give the shoe it’s ultimate strength, resulting to service flawlessly for many years to come. The Ecco shoes’ experience will take to the point of no hesitation in placing more orders in future because you will find fair amount of happy customers online with positive remarks in sharing their experience of wearing them and what made them re-order more pair of shoes after some time and referred the shoes to their close friends and family. The color scheme also makes them unique as there are two option both offering regal contrast with professional and evening dressing; 1) Black Brazilian Calf Skin Leather and 2) Cocoa Brown.

Elegantly Designed Stylish Dress Shoes For Men

ECCO Biarritz Classic Wing TipWell Made Mens ECCO Biarritz Handsome Looking Wing Tip
Amazon Price: $200.00 buy from amazon shoe shop

The classic wing tip manages to deliver a hybrid blending of both classic and modern designs into a lightweight and stylish fashion shoes, offering an extremely comfortable all-day walking experience in your workplace, parties and even on the dance floor. The modern technology meets old style by using the smart injection system for filling PU into the outsole whereas the leather welt occupies the surrounding area, this enables crafting an unmatched lightweight shoe with perfect grip. Shank technology is used to provide unprecedented comfort and stability while on the walks. These Oxfords are available in two dark color variant (Black, Black Espresso) so that you can choose the one that pairs well with your business attire.


#5. Rockport – One of Top Brand Name in Quality Men’s Formal Footwear

best mens dress shoes by RockportFamous for its good built quality and affordable price range, company is based in Canton, Massachusetts and founded in 1971 by Mr Saul L. kartz and Bruce Katz. In early days, the main focus was on designing footwear and running stores for United States customers. Now Rockport outlets has spreads in 66 countries. But the owner is changed now because it was sold out to Reebok in 1985 which is another big brand name in shoe industry especially walking/ running shoes/ joggers, subsidiary of German brand Adidas. Rockport manufactures various styles of dress shoes which are popular all over the world and people love to wear shoes made by them. Let me show you some awesomely cool looking Rockport shoe models which are bestselling and liked by consumers.

High End Waterpoof Men’s Dress Shoes in Simple Design

Rockport Men’s Waterproof Evander OxfordRockport Men’s Waterproof Evander Oxford
Amazon Price: $84.95 – $109.95 read more on water resistant footwear

This shoe is one of the best selling and low cost option for men seeking a decent looking oxford. Very simple in design but by wearing these shoes with a suite you will look handsome i.e, good to wear when you are going to some meeting and wearing 3-piece suiting or a tuxedo. Made of pure leather and rubber sole for keeping it lightweight. Durable PU out sole and padded collar & tongue. Since the biggest trouble a dress shoe owner will face is to keep it wet-free, the feature of being waterproof enable it to last longer and allow hassle free usage even during a rainy day.

City Smart Plain Toe Oxfords by Rockport

Truly Stylish Shoes For Durable UseSimple in Design But Built For Durable Use
Zappos Price: $130.00 full review of Rockport's city smart model

A handsome looking pair of stylish brown shoes elegantly crafted for formal dressing. The whole upper outer is designed with genuine quality leather whereas the scheme follows the traditional tie-up lacing format. For guaranteed comfort sole has a special feature of sport technology (originally built by Adidas) that delivers shock absorbent in the heel area. In contrast to normal shoe soles, the new ones will help you wear all day long and walk without hurting your feet and you will feel less tired after your day job. Indeed a wise choice that will give you good value for money spent.

City Smart Wing Tip Oxfords by Rockport

An Unmatched Odor Free Breathable Shoes OptionAn Unmatched Odor Free Breathable Shoes Option
Amazon Price: $130.00 read full description of Rockport Oxford.

Rockport features some of the most comfortable pair of shoes for everyday wear, the main reason is the installation of Adidas powered cushioned insole technology which is used for providing a soft feeling on the heel area. On the other hand, the cleverly designed textile lining on the outer that are built for ventilation, allows a breathable shoe, enabling it to expel trapped moisture out in a nature manner, that results in removing bad odor which is a big pain for most men wearing shoes for the whole day. In most cases, either you totally forget or it is entirely not possible for you to take your shoes off for a minute or two to relax your feet.