Smart Curved TV For Home Cinema Display Screen

New Smart Curved TV Technology In The Electronics Industry.

LED Backlit Powered Full HD to Ultra uHD TV Displays that renders to show Crisp and Clear Images

Life is full of entertainment and television is the best home entertainment source that we love to own, people are always ready to spend more money on their lifestyle to live an easy and joyful life, a home cinema television screen delivers the right ingredients to boost that experience to an entire new level. Most useful entertaining product is television which has a great value for every person because it keeps one aware from the outer world by delivering the information and knowledge right in front of you and accessible by pressing a button of remote controller. There are many other kind of habits in your life but as you know this is one of the great gift by inventor of this incredible technology. Practical person are conscious to know about the new technologies and up gradation of daily life products like cell phones, laptops, tablets, TV etc. Television is 19th century invention which makes everyone surprise in old days but now-a-days its very common thing, however the surprise factor continues to grow with the advancement in the display technology. Now we have come to an age of curved televisions (introduced in 2013) featuring ultra high definition picture that delivers a display that looks better than real life images. This pieces provides list of best selling smart curved tv screens available in the market.
Wide Angle Smart Curved TV Screens With Smart Processor Technology
Household curved displays are marketed as providing an immerse experience and gives high quality wider display which looks amazing and offers an inconceivable cinematic view for your home theater. Delivers the best application by reducing outer edge distortions and  great panoramic environment with large curved screens which accomplish this free of bezel lines framing on each screen whereas at the planar/ flat screens format multiple monitors are needed around the viewer. Highly powerful quad core based processor chips gives faster navigation and seamless streaming of content even in multi-tasking mode, just like a mini computer present inside your LED screen.

Marketing analysts are anticipating that everyone will feel highly attracted towards this great technology within shorter period of time, since it is becoming one of the most fascinating areas in electronics industry, so probably in upcoming near future we will see high demand trend of curve screens. There are many companies in international market innovating high quality curved TVs in different sizes and designs including Samsung, Sony, LG etc.

Key Features of Modern Smart Curved TVs.

Cinematic Picture Quality – Highly Realistic True To Life Image Processing

  • 1080p to 4096p/ 4K Screen Resolution: Watch from high definition DVD discs to mind blowing 4k Blu-ray disc displaying realistic images with stunning clarity. Curved screen with provide a  true 4k TV with immense picture details. Undoubtedly 4K screens are the future of home entertainment.
  • Panoramic View With Curved Edges: Enjoy a true home cinema with panoramic sense that let’s you watch your favorite TV programs and movies from a whole new angle because curves with provide better viewing area in the same physical size as you get in traditional non-angled screens .
  • Clear Motion With Almost No Blur: Apart from up-scaling normal cable content to high definition, the quad core based video processing engine also ensures a clearer image rendering to deliver motions without any blur, so you will witness video quality better than ever.
  • Sharper Color and Deeper Contrast: Modern curved television screen are equipped with technology to express more sharpness in color generation and handling contrast better especially for greater depths of the image. Colors will look more natural and realistic, whereas the advanced contrast technique will provide in-depth pixel details.

Smart TV Functions – Screen Enhancements With Rich Applications

  • Smart Content Hub For Easy Navigation: This is more than a television screen, actually it is more appropriate to call it a  small computer within your display screen to let you better use your curved screen.  The smart hub let’s you navigate between different content and enables you to set your own preferences.
  • Voice and Motion Command Controls: For those who think remote Control is too old technology, welcome to new era of controlling television with voice and body gestures, so you can control your smart TV in smarter manner.
  • Divide Display into Mutiple Screens: View dual screens to satisfy more viewers, plus let you move between channels during commercial breaks. The multi-screen operation works flawlessly with more than two screens, though you can only run volume for one primary channel.
  • Internet Connectivity using WiFi: Surf Internet with a web browser, watch youtube videos, skype video calling with family and friends, also utilize other internet rich applications from a user friendly user interface. The best thing is that you always has an alternate to surf internet from the convenience of your television screen.


Benefits of Owning New Smart Curved HDTV Screen.

Epic Coverage With Wider Field Of View

One of the coolest aspect of owing a television built in a curve shape is it’s epic panoramic display of the picture. The curved edges of the screen makes the picture to come bit forward and you watch the side part rounding to give better panoramic sense which looks more real than your previously used flat screens. The screen is bent by a radius factor at the sides that forms a curvature to helps in shortening the distance between you and the screen corners to create a more natural viewing shape.

Curved Television Provide Better Contrast Than planar Flat Screens

Extra potential of this unbelievable  technology is the better view of  contrast quality, which focus the light  comes out from your tv screen and delivers directly to your eyes, further satellite dishes strengthen signals by focusing them onto an LNB, which delivers in between 1.5x & 1.8x higher contrast than the simple flat screens television. If you are choosing wider screen television like 65-inch, then you should go with the curved ones since it delivers better contrast quality.

Thin Curved TVs Looks Cool & Add Value to Interior Decoration

From home interior point of view, thin curved screens gives a style boost to your living room. The minor curvature expresses a more stylish design in comparison to old planar LED and LCD screens. Moreover people who prefers to spend more money on their household products to improve their lifestyle should give importance to owning a good looking thin television screen for their entertainment room.

Provides Improvement Immersion

The features that goes in favor of purchasing a curved television as compared to non-curved television is that it gives improved immersion. The technology of curving the screen bit forward toward audience,  your video, games, tv shows etc which you love to  watch seems more realistic and it feels originally part of the world you are watching. People love to have cinema size television for their home theater that let them witness entertainment in an extremely realistic environment.

Xbox, PlayStation, Wii  Game Screen – True to Life Picture Quality.

Low Lag Game Display is the Way to Go! – It is Best to Get a Wide Angle Smarter Display For Gaming.

Technology is getting smarter and this applies to modern display electronics, the all new smart curved TVs has something to offer to all members of a household.  Apart from delivering a true home cinematic experience, it also deliver unimaginable rendering images of modern video games, especially suitable for playing console based games such as Wii, PlayStation Xbox etc. The smart video rendering engine ensure almost no lag or totally negligible which will result in better game speeds, for first person shooter types games, screen lag is crucial element in your success, because other players with display that can renders images faster will has an edge in competition and hence resulting in more chances of wining the game.

Top 10 Smart TV Screens With Curve Technology.

Select Curved HD Displays From Best Selling Models To Ensures Quality and Peace of Mind.

1) Bring Cinema in Your Home With 65-inch Samsung Smart 3D Television

Samsung UN65H8000 Curved 65-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Smart LED TVSamsung UN65H8000 Curved 65-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Smart LED TV
Amazon Price: $2,697.99

Extraordinary and classic product manufactured by popular brand Samsung, provide you quality to feel you’re part of picture with this Curved Smart LED H8000. This proprietary heliocentric technology gives you an optimal peripheral vision with amazing clearer view of whole image from various angles. This technology has ability to provides an accurate picture with exceptional colors, with out any type of distortion in picture. It shows dramatically wider field of view which has panoramic effect that helps the picture to feel bigger than planar screens in same physical size. Renders content on 1080p LED display which generates crisp and clear images that looks stunning and realistic. Its refresh rate is 240Hz which is native and clear motion rate 1200(Effective), back light, plus option of motion and voice control with camera accessory but you have to buy it separately. TV dimension without stand (W x H x D) 57.1” x 33” x 4.2”, TV with stand : 57.1” x 35.2” x 12.1” . Other specifications inputs functions : 4 HDMI 2.0. 3 USB , 1 component, and 2 composite. You can get accessories Smart remote control, 4 pairs of 3D active glasses with this 65 inch HD Smart Curved TV.

2)  55-inch Samsung Ultra HD Smart Curved Screen For Your Living Room

Samsung UN55HU9000 Curved 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz 3D Smart LED TVSamsung UN55HU9000 Curved 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz 3D Smart LED TV
Amazon Price: $2,497.99

Samsung Curved 4K ultra HD Smart HU9000 series discovers supremely immersion HD experience with an innovative, curved design which creates the panoramic effect that helps the picture to view wider. The display works at 4x resolution of full HD, plus new rendering technology help to upscale data of your favorite tv programs, movies and video games with an amaze. Noticeable features includes uHD up-scaling that converts SD, HD picture quality, greater sense of depth, deeper color quality, clear motion rate 1440, smart hub, S recommendation, smart interaction which quickly command your smart TV with voice commands and gesture. For increased flexibility it allows up to splitting screen into four small screens that transfer your TV from 4 sources at the same time, best use while playing video clips, video game, surfing web all at in a parallel display, so you can easily keep an eye on four tasks. Provides specification wireless beam to your videos, photos, PowerPoint presentations , HD games on a large screen. Also gives you Sharper contrast for high quality picture. Dimension of TV are (WxHxD) 48.5” x 28.5” x 3.7”, and we also gives your dimension of TV with Stand to gives you right review which helps you in selecting best Tv as per your area in house. Dimensions with stand are 48.5” x 30.2” x 12.1” . Smart Remote Control, 4 Pairs of 3D Active Glasses (SSG-5150GB) are also in this product package by Samsung.

3) 78-inch Cinema Size HD Smart Curved LED For Superior Display Needs

Samsung UN78HU9000 Curved 78-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz 3D LED TVSamsung UN78HU9000 Curved 78-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz 3D LED TV
Amazon Price: $7,997.99

If you are planning to own one of the large size HD smart Television available for home entertainment, with an amazing color quality, 3D depth perception and truly impressive up scaling of non 4K content. Then this 78″ huge panoramic screen is perfect due to its stylish curved view powered by an advanced technology that seems to give this set a brilliance in comparison to 4K flat screens. If you love to play high quality games on this cinema size TV, then have a good news that this is compatible to attach popular gaming consoles plus your android or windows tablet through HDMI port. Best features are smart hub, S recommendation, Smart interaction, Screen mirroring, quad split screens, sharper contrast, less screen glare. Also check its technical features which are refresh rate: 120HZ, clear motion rate 1440. back light LED, Smart functionality of motion and voice control with built in pop-up camera. Total Inputs : 4 HDMI 2.0 , 3 USB, 1 component, 2 composite. Smart remote control is available with 4 pairs of 3D active glasses.

4) High Performance LG Best Curved Smart 55″ HD Television

LG Electronics 55EA9800 Cinema 3D 1080p Curved OLED TV with Smart TV (2013 Model)LG Electronics 55EA9800 Cinema 3D 1080p Curved OLED TV with Smart TV (2013 Model)
Amazon Price: $2,699.99

This graceful looking piece of technology has stunning VIVID color of LG 4-color pixel technology which adds a white sub-pixel to the conventional 3-color RGB (green, red and blue) that results in enhancing the color, range and accuracy of the image. Probably one of the slimmest design in LG curve TV lineup standing at only 4.3 mm thickness, infinite contrast that ranges from the most blazing white to darkest black. TV without stand (Width x Height x Depth): Not Applicable, TV with stand (Width x Height x Depth): 48.3 x 31.4 x 7.6 Inches. The attractive feature of this stylish curved display has a stunning curvy look that’s fantastic and totally unique from other branded curved screens available in the market. Moreover, brilliant technology of OLED enables a simpler internal structure than conventional displays. Just built in two layers making it unbelievably lightweight and wafer-thin, gives you an opportunity to decorate your living room with an aesthetically pleasing beautiful piece of art.

5) 65-inch Sony Curved LED Triluminos, X-Reality Pro Screen

KDL65S990A Curved 65-Inch Full HD 1080p Internet LED DispalyKDL65S990A Curved 65-Inch Full HD 1080p Internet LED Dispaly
Amazon Price: $2,788.14

Sony has joined the race of Curved tv marathon and stands among one of the first pioneers to innovate this unbelievable display technology, though it will continue to evolve with time. This 65-inch television is an LED screen that is built specifically to surround you with an unimaginable home cinema directly at the convenience of your living room. The truly brilliant colors are created using sony’s own innovative technology known as Triluminos display with main focus on reproducing colors into more natural, beautiful and realistic experience. To present bring movies like real life, another state of the art image processing technology is X-Reality PRO that not just build improve picture quality instead it scan areas of picture that require improvements and totally revamp/ upscale them for better clarity in true life-like stunning pixel details with epic contrast and rich color. Finally the home theater comes alive with 40-watts true 5.1 surround sound speakers embedded on the edges.

6) 105-Inch Luxury Home Cinema 4K Screen by Samsung

UN105S9 Curved Display 105-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz 3DUN105S9 Curved Framed Display 105-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz 3D
Amazon Price: $119,999.99

Truly one of the few luxurious home theater items for super riches available in the market today. With ever growing demand of installing equipment to build a home theater in dedicated entertainment room with surround sounds, cinema style luxury seats. Rich people wants to switch from projector based HD to a more flexible solution and it comes with a smart 4k display screen that allows to play movies in over 100+ inches size. Now run 4k/ bluray movies, play 3d heavy graphics based console/ PC games, surf internet (like PC run YouTube, Skype, web browser) simply from this luxurious framed ultra HD gigantic display. The voice and body gesture based command & control system delivers more convenient home cinema experience than ever, who needs old remote controls anymore? In terms of price this television is not for everyone and not an ordinary curved screen specifically built for the rich to satisfy their luxurious lifestyle demands.

7) LG’s Most Intuitive Smart Full HD Curved TV Yet

LG 55EC9300 55-Inch 3D Curved OLED TVLG 55EC9300 55-Inch 3D Curved OLED TV – The Ultimate Entertainment Box
Amazon Price: $3,499.00

Being one of the top global leaders in the field of consumer electronics, LG stands out to innovate OLED based entertainment curved displays with unimaginable clear result build in ultimate pencil thin fashion, though the difference is obvious in comparison to previous LCD and plasma television technologies. Say goodbye to blurry movies, sports and video games, the Tru-motion technology refreshing at 240Hz delivers virtually no blur and you enjoy the action in remarkably crystal clear and sharp format. The system comes with in-house build LG’s own WebOS with a launcher bar in user friendly interface that makes navigation to your favorite content with ease, now accessing premium content such as Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, YouTube and Hulu Plus will be faster than you ever imagined. Your old tv controller is now transformed into a magic gadget that is equipped with voice recognition to command your screen in a natural manner.

8) Elegant Looking Art Gallery Styled Framed Curved Television

KN55S9C Curved Smart Panel 3D OLED HD TelevisionKN55S9C Curved Smart Panel 3D OLED HD Television
Amazon Price: $6,899.00

This 55-inch curved OLED screen cleverly built into a fine framed picture design that reminds of a landscape masterpiece display from an art gallery, delivers a unique impression to your living room, moreover this fine piece of art will let you enjoy the screen even while it is turned off. Samsung MultiView gadgets allows watching multiple shows at the same time with full size screen HD picture and sound. The epic contrast filtering the picture areas to regenerate pixels with absolute blacks and pure whites that will totally enhance the picture quality to a higher level. The cutting edge motion rendering provides blur-free image generation will let you witness incredibly sharp and crips motion display that will blow your mind. Undoubtedly, after experiencing Samsung OLED Framed TV, you  will never wish to go back to your old LCD/ Plasma based screen, though this is not a 4K display but its image up-scaling capability delivers results much better than a normal high definition display and you will enjoy close to ultra HD on this smart panel tv.

9) Most Affordable 4K Home Cinema Smart Curved TV

Curved 55-Inch Ultra High Definition Screen 120HzCurved 55-Inch Ultra High Definition Screen 120Hz
Amazon Price: $1,497.99

Samsung UN55HU7250 is probably the best purchase option for a full size ultra high definition television in curved shape because price tag of fifteen hundred bucks will blow your mind away. In terms of the result, the crispy and sharper images are remarkably better than realistic scenes that you will not believe your eyes to watching something such awesome pictures in amazing price. Image quality is achieved by variety of features working parllel in the background, these includes: natural deep color clarity, uHD upscaling SD and HD to higher level, sharper clear motion as well as low glare. HDMI 2.0 will allow you to connect any supported devices including, tablet, PC and smartphones. Playing fast video games is no problem, for instance call of duty will work flawlessly by delivering realistic graphics with almost no lag. If you are too skeptical on the curved screen technology and do not want to spend thousands of dollars to test-drive it, you won’t regret this high definition tv purchase in terms of price and quality you are getting.

10) 65-inch HU8700 Smart Curved TV For Excellent 4k Movies, Sports & Gaming

65-Inch Curved uHD 3D Curved Smart LED TV65-Inch Curved uHD 3D Curved Smart LED TV
Amazon Price: $2,997.99

Samsung UN65HU8700 is large size super LED that generates great picture, it can take low resolution digital signal and upgrade it to better quality in incredible detail which will surely looks cooler in comparison to LCD, plasma or full HD technologies. Ultra high definition delivers four times better image than previous full hd displays. If you had watched a Bluray movie on your laptop screen and was amazed when you first watched it on full hd television, prepare to experience the new era of uHD smart curved tv, where you will not believe the picture that you see because the bluray movies will look more realistic and better than real life scenes. Enjoy your favorite game in fast and sharp blur-free motion quality and finally prepare yourself for serious fast pace multiplayer gaming. Just like other curve shaped Samsung televisions this 65 inch screen can easily be mounted on wall.