Best Brand Name Wallets For Womens Phone & Money

Best Brand Name Wallets For Womens Phone & Money Storage

leather money brand name wallets for womenThere are tons of wallets available for handling day to day cash/ cards and phone, you can find dedicated money/ phone wallets as well as hybrid ones that allows both money and phone storage.  Since our lifestyle is changing that also has an impact on the selection of accessories we use, phone wallets are getting more popular as smartphones became integral part of our daily life as we always need to carry our mobile wherever we go and the size of wallet depends on the phone you use, some might fit in squared shaped small wallet, whereas other need larger rectangular one to easily hold modern phones.. Though women/ girls do not keep them in pockets like men, instead hold them in their hands or store in their handbags/ purses, a lightweight easy to carry and small size wallet or wristlet is definitely the best choice for easy cards and cash storage.

When it comes to selection of phone or money wallet, women tend to attract towards designer or brand name wallets. There are tons of designers making high end leather and other fabric wallets that last longer, has no wear and tear, their color does not fade out easily etc. The best part is the sense of owning a quality brand product that other people around you will appreciate,. If you do a little survey of the market, let’s consider online websites that are selling ladies leather wallets such as eBay, Amazon, Zappos etc, you will find heterogeneous collection in casual and formal category.  This selection is composed of very elegant looking plain color shiny version to very funky pattern and artistic ones such as flower design, camouflage, cheeta prints, fine embroidery, twill etc. This listing is dedicated to deliver you a list of best selling leather brand name wallets for women in 2015 that includes both name brand and top designer women wallets that are popular worldwide. There are hundreds of women accessory brands each with unique style but this we covers only the top 10 most loved ladies wallet brands.

High End Fossil Women Wallets | Best Fossil Leather Wallet

Leather craftsmanship at its peak perfectly built with full attention to detail

An American designer brand that produce some of the finest quality products not limited to leather accessories but also has great variety of clothing, watches, shoes and jewelry. Fossil is very catchy name and easy to remember, gives a feeling of special stuff since fossils (living or dead) in reality are hard to find and takes lot of effort by humans to dig them out from some of the toughest earth environments, so a product with this name immediately gives a context of  no ordinary product.  Fossil leather products are famous worldwide due to their high craftsmanship that manufacture item with attention to fine details. There is a large number of internet users seeking a true made in USA brand products that deliver good quality for long lasting use. The best selling models of Fossil women wallets includes Knox PW, Marlow, Emory, Sydney, Keyper, Sydney CB, Erin Flap, Explorer, Signature, Tab etc variants. Fossil gives a liberty to its users to choose from a wide range of wallets however the design stays around square and rectangle geometry with rounded corners. Most of them are multi-functional wallets and comes in different format such as bi-fold, clutch, zipper, clutch, plus you can find a large versatile products in coin purses and pouches range.

fossil women brand name wallets collection

Gucci Quality Leather Wallets For Women

With unique design patterns and styles Gucci stands as top name brand

A true Italian brand that has roots backing nearly a 100 year journey to deliver high end leather products to customers around the globe. Gucci handbags being at the top of the list and has growing demand of Gucci Leather accessories due to Italian’s fine leather quality, this context make them one of the finest European leather brand with an immense demand of products worldwide. Other products includes watches, belts, shoes, sunglasses etc. Gucci also manufacture products for men that includes shoes, wallets, watches etc  and is equally popular among men. Best selling Gucci wallets includes the following models Continental, Bambo Tassel, GG logo, Charm, Canvas, Pink Imprime, Guccissma Navy Blue, Script, Betty Light Pink, Purple Pink, Dressage Brown, French Flap, Folio, Betty Coral etc. The formats includes zip around, interlocking, bifold, checkbook, ID case etc. Gucci wallets being one of the hottest items that is searched on the internet and sell in large quantity even though their prices are overwhelmingly high. This clearly shows the popularity of Gucci brand products, just like Apple lovers will only buy iPhone and not any other phone similarly Gucci has a massive customers that only prefer Gucci for leather products. The high price factor however does invoke another industry that benefit from brand names are replica producers that create copies of real brand wallets and sell them as substitute for people seeking same design wallet in cheaper price.

gucci name brand wallets for women

Awesome Looking Coach Fashion Wallets for Women

A big name brand in fashion accessory manufacturing delivers unmatched designs

Another big and old US name in the fashion accessory industry based in New York and popular mainly due to their quality leather goods. Focusing mainly on the growing trend of checkbook and wristlet wallets that does provide an easy access to phone and money items in different compartment, all packed in a compact small ladies wallet which is easy to carry and organize. They get loads of sales due to their modern trendy handbags, backpacks, wallets, watches , shoes etc for both genders. Just like other wallet manufacturer Coach produces wallets mainly in shades of black/ gray and brown/ tan, however they do have bunch of other color options in print, pattern formats.  The top selling Coach wallet models includes Signature, Parker,  Poppy Flower, Daisy Madras, Saffiano EW Universal, Legacy, Kristin, Peyton Embossed Patent, Taylor Spectator, Liquid Gloss, Tattersall, Heart Shape Accordion etc. The best selling series is the Coach signature in which leather wallets has unique letter “C” (representing Coach) printed in an organized pattern, in some version the signature is uniform whereas in other it shows as a gradient that fades out at one end. They come in versatile design of wrist-let, zipper, zip around, bifold, clip, flap etc and in terms of price they are under good price if you are seeking a right bang for buck spent as the leather items are of superior quality with a brand name.

coach america made leather wallets for girls

Good Capacity Mundi Leather Accessories For Women

Filemaster, Cactus, Croco, Deluxe, Dasher, Big Fat Brand Name Wallet Series

Mundi brand leather wallets are among the most wished leather products for women,  customer reviews found on products webpage such as Amazon store indicates that the vast majority of online buyers give five star rating to Mundi wallets due to quality of leather used and the high end craftsmanship  involved resulting in durable women’s leather accessory. In parallel to manufacturing women leather accessories, Mundi is busy delivering high end men passcase, tri-fold wallets and travel kits. One of the crucial factor of Mundi’s success in leather products is  the incredible low price range without compromising quality, this fact attracts anyone seeking a mid range leather accessory. The top selling Mundi wallet models (Big Fat, Funky, Croco, Filemaster etc) of New Jersey based brand includes the following names: Big fat flap, Suburban Rio Checkbook, Master Wallet, Croco Zip Around, Faux Patent, Smooth Incredible Bulk Organizer, Kellie Tab, Exotic file master, BFW tab, Brianne Clutch, Classic Double Zip Around etc. Big fat flap wallet is true winner since it provides so much storage capacity to accommodate all your important stuff in an organized manner. Multiple card windows, transparent id window, phone compartment, zipper section for coin/ change and even pen holder, whereas the expandable pockets will allow easy storage of smartphone.

high quality mundi womens leather wallets

Buxton High End Elegant Ladies Leather Wallets

More than hundred years of leather accessory manufacturing experience

One of the oldest leather goods manufacturer with more than 115 years of in-hand experience yielding unmatched product. Main specialty of Buxton includes phone wallets, billfolds and trifolds with unique floral embossed exterior. Buxton has a wide range of product series under its name that includes Key-Trainer, Cal-Q Clutch, Dopp travel kits, B-Collective, RFID, Buxton-Platinum. Popular model names includes leather mini trifold, heiress, Cardex, Westcott tab, Hailey, pebbled, L-zip around, Hailey-Super, African Ostrich and Crocodile skin etc.  There are tons of wallets options under Buxton brand name wallets. The best selling is the small size double zip green Accordion wizard wallet that provides bunch of space for phone, cash, coins, business/ credit cards, ID storage in a simple manner, with over 650 customer reviews topping the star rating with 4.5, making it the best value for money women wallet by Buxton.

buxton ladies brand name wallets and other leather goods

Fine Print Vera Bradley Designer Women Wallet

Unique bookey of wallets & wristlets featuring alive multi-color flower prints

If you seeking a funky, colorful and full of life multi-color type sleek and chic wallets then you should consider Vera Bradley designer wallet since they use trendy and modern prints on the exterior instead of plain colors as you can find in traditional style wallets. Teenage girls and middle age women will love them, though dominated by flower prints and distinct patterns, there is vast variety of casual wallet options under different design format (wristlet, zip around, wrist-let, clutch, kisslock, Euro, Envelope, ID holder, bifold, trifold, vertical, horizontal). When you open the Vera Bradley wallet’s product page, you will get a feeling of a bookey with different flowers in several colors are present, these multicolor pattern and prints will attract young ladies. Vera Bradley is famous for its printed products with main theme of colorful flowers, they also manufacture printed flip flops, smartphone wristlets, travel bags and handbags.

vera bradley printed casual designer wallets for teenage girls

Kate Spade New York Formal and Casual Designer Wallets

One of top hit designer name brand in women wallets fashion category

Kate Spade deliver one of the finest designer wallet series for women to match their formal and casual look in metropolitan style producing some of the coolest looking wallets in both genuine and faux leather. A global lifestyle brand covering products in multiple categories including handbags, jewelry, shoes, stationary, eyewear, home improvement etc, though dedicated to share their colorful world with full commitment and passion. The top selling models includes Cobble Hill Stacy/ Lacey, Cherry Lane Lacey/ Stacy/ Aliza, Cedar Street Small Stacy/ Dot Darla/ Patent Carmilla, Bloom Drive Lacey, Glitter Bug, Veranda Place Nylon, Wellesley Holiday etc.

Kate Spade New York designer women wallets

Shagwear True Urban Wallets For Young Women & Teenagers

Nature friendly showcasing plants/ flowers, birds and zoo/ jungle animals

A true chic wallet brand that has an urban approach to deliver fully functional phone and money organizers. Shagwear brand has an animal friendly approach to produce fine coin purses and wallets, since they use faux vegan leather instead of cow or lamb hide they are able to create both playful and colorful designs such as animal, flower and other artistic patterns in prints. Young women and teenagers are target audience as they will love the fun way to handle cash, cards, change, ID and smartphone. The highest rated and most sold model of Shagwear is an England letter wallet which appears to be an envelope that has quote written “From England with love”. Shagwear feature incredible design inspired by nature that includes flowering garden Bicycle, dragonfly, Yellow Horse, Cherry Tree, Retro Owl, Patch Work Daisy, Diva Kitty,  Fish, Hummingbird, Koala Bear, Giraffe, Peaking Monkey etc.

shagwear urban funky wallets for young girls

Hello Kitty Wallets For Both Big & Little Girls

Producing the most adorable girl wallets with baby white cat character

Globally popular brand that received fame and love in short period of time. A fictional comic character made by Japanese company Sanrio which is a small Japanese bobtail cat with a red bow on one ear. Hello Kitty is a Japanese name brand whose products sells like hot cakes due to its catchy kitten logo/ character shown on all wallets which is an impressive marketing approach as anyone will definitely be interested in adorable baby cat, specially little girls fall in love with Hello Kitty products.  Hello Kitty is famous for producing wide range of products that are shipped worldwide, definitely the best gift to give to your little girl that will bring smile on her face, this makes Hello Kitty a truly girly wallet brand.

brand name Hello Kitty faux leather little girls wallets

Visconti Money/ Phone Wallets with Huge Storage Capacity

True high capacity women wallets for smartphone, cash & plastic cards storage

Visconti specializes in manufacturing real soft leather wallets in checkbook, clutch, zip-around styles. These offering tons of storage space including phone compartment, currency bill section, business card holder, ID window, coin pocket, checkbook, receipt and ticket pockets and much more. Popular models includes multi-color, Heritage, Rio, Spectrum, Mojito, Vicenza, Neptune, Monza, verona, Polka dots, Cancum, Emily etc. Multicolor models are hit since they use single color on exterior and multiple colors (at least two) for the interior. Making your wallet look colorful from inside by giving a pleasant experience whenever you open your wallet.

Name Brand Visconti storage freedom smartphone wallets

Overcrowded with literally thousands of styles by hundred of brands, for a female buyer the options are limitless. You just need to look in the right direction to find the wallet that fits your lifestyle needs. A good and wiser start is to go with the top 10 women’s brand name wallets collection.