Best Hybrid Bikes Reviews Electric Bicycles For College

Best Hybrid Bikes For College Students

best hybrid bikes for college students.Having a bicycle is great way to both commute and exercise, so it is a healthy alternative to engine powered vehicles.  Buying a bicycle from these reviewed best hybrid bikes is a wise choice. Pedaling a bicycle forces the rider to use their legs to power the cycle forward movement. This is great most of the time but when you have to commute more often and distances are far then there are some drawbacks of traditional bicycles, these includes excessive exercise resulting in too much energy exhaustion and secondly it takes more time to do manual pedaling to cover long distances. It is best to own a bicycle for the purpose of exercise but having a power assisted option will help you in times of need. One such time is when you are not feeling well or some sort of physical weakness due to injury. For those individual who do not want to change their good habit of riding bicycle and need a power assistance for occasional use or in times when you need to move fast their is an option available. This option is to own a electric powered bicycle which is operated by an electric motor charged by a battery, this piece will showcase best electric bicycles in the later section.  More the wattage of the magnetic motor, more the battery power required to run it. This means a heavier motor will require larger battery pack. You can either buy an electric bicycle or upgrade your existing bike into a electric motorized bike using a electric bicycle kit.  This piece provides reviews of the best hybrid bikes available online. For those who are willing to upgrade their bicycle from manual to electric hybrid, scroll down to electric bicycle kit section.

Top 5 Men / Boys Hybrid Bikes Reviews

Foldable Electric Bike For Easy Transport

Prodeco V3 Phantom X2 8-Speed Folding Electric BicycleProdeco V3 Phantom X2 8-Speed Folding Electric Bicycle
Amazon Price: $1,499

This electric powered bike is manufactured by Prodeco technologies equipped with the necessary equipment to deliver a comfortable commuting experience. It run by a powerful 500 watt motor operated at 36 volt which gets the energy from 24-cell 12 Ampere battery. One single charge can help you cover up to 25-38 miles distance with a top speed of 20 miles per hour. For extra safety from possible accidents, it uses disc brakes and on the other hand it gives full control on speed, with 8 speed gears you can control bike speed easily and effectively.

Heavy Duty Epic Mountain Hybrid eBike

XB-300-SLA X-Treme Electric Mountain BicycleXB-300-SLA X-Treme Electric Mountain Bicycle
Amazon Price: $549.00

An amazing electric mountain bicycle for boys. Price, power and performance wise, XB-300-SLA is a good package all together. Having a motorized bicycle is crucial in mountaineering when you need to climb hilly tracks, since it require more physical power so when you are tired, you can get power assistance from the battery backup in your bike’s belly. Apart from the power, it also gives ultimate road riding experience with disk brakes, Kenda tires and seven speed Shimano tourney gears and shifters.

Easy Drive Electric Bicycle by Curie Technologies

Currie Technologies Men's eZip Eco-Ride-2 SLA Electric BicycleCurrie Technologies Men’s eZip Eco-Ride-2 SLA Electric Bicycle
Amazon Price: $749.00

eZip Eco-Ride-2 SLA is red electric powered bike for a comfortable and effortless ride. Batter pack is attached to the rack/ carrier in vertical fashion which 12 volt and 10 ampere hour rated power pack. This directly powers 450 watt direct current magnetic motor, enough to give a top speed of 15 mph and cover a 15-20 miles distance in a single charge. Other features includes a seven step pedal assisted throttle, suspension fork, high rise handle bars etc. Overall the red and black color combination gives it perfect look of a mountaineer bicycle.

Black and White Sports Hybrid eBike For Men

Yukon Trails Men’s Xpolrer Sport 26-inch Hybrid Electric BikeYukon Trails Men’s Xpolrer Sport 26-inch Hybrid Electric Bike
Amazon Price: $943.00

Yukon trails men explorer bike is a modern ebike in high contrast white and black colors ideal for adults seeking a good 26-inch electric bicycle. Operated by a small 250 watts hub motor which gets its power from 36 volt 10 ampere rack mounted battery above the rear wheel, making one of the best electric bicycles for school. Shimano shifter ensures a comfortable speed steping for all seven gear levels. Hybrid nature allows you to use it as a sports bike for fun or ebike for fast commuting experience.

Multi-Purpose Motorized Bicycle for Smooth Ride

Prodeco V3 Stride 500 8 Speed Black Pearl Metallic Gloss, 26-InchProdeco V3 Stride 500 8 Speed Black Pearl Metallic Gloss, 26-Inch
Amazon Price: $1,299.00

Prodeco V3 provides a total unique ebiking experience for both boys and girls. Metallic gloss finish on the frame with battery case above the rear wheel and thick tyres gives it a attractive look, though 90% bike gives a dark black color. Power features includes 8 speed mid derailleur, speed shifter and disk brakes. The driving force comes from 24-cell 9Ah battery operated at 38 volts which powers a 500 watt motor located in rear wheel. This combination delivers a smooth ride of up to 25-30 miles with highest speed of 20mph.

Design Difference Between Boys and Girls Hybrid Bikes

Why Female Bikers Seek a Low Step Frame Design?

Women needs a bicycle as much men do but they have their own custom requirements that differ from normal bikes available. Amongst those the noticeable one is “no bar” at top center of bicycle frame, also known as Step Through and low step design. This allows an easy access without need to lift the leg as we normally do. Since girls height is shorter than boys, a sudden stop sometimes needs them to leave the seat and stand on ground and if the center bar is their this sometimes hurt the legs. Bar less design save them from the injury and this is great for pregnant women who are riding bicycle.

Best Electric Bicycles Reviews For Ladies / Girls

eZip Motor Powered Girly Bike in Decent Style

Currie Technologies Women’s Low Step-Thru Trailz E-BikeCurrie Technologies Women’s Low Step-Thru Trailz E-Bike
Amazon Price: $908.50

This is ideal for women seeking a decent ebike for easy commute within city. The hybrid nature allows you to easily ride bicycle on manual mode. When tired get the motorized assistance from 450 watt powerful magnetic motor. This makes ezip one of the best hybrid bikes to own for ladies. A smooth blue frame gives it a calming design look and feel. Hybrid bike is also suitable when you need to cover long distances within the city. Having an ability to travel 15-20 miles on a single charging is not a bad deal. The real challenge that bike rider face is when you need to go up the hilly track, eZip is incredibly powerful to give you fast riding up the hill.

Unique Electric Transport Hybrid Bike For Women

Watseka XP Cargo-Electric Bicycle-26.5 inch speed-Adult/YoungWatseka XP Cargo-Electric Bicycle-26.5 inch speed-Adult/Young
Amazon Price: $599.99

From all aspect his is totally unique from other e-bikes in the market. Since it comes in a totally different design, the battery pack is placed vertically just below the seat and above the pedals, a curved bar on the frame, curved handle, comfortable seat, front and back lights, a large basket etc. Overall the bicycles gives a heavy look all in black with silver ascent. This is rightly priced e-bike, since it is hard to find a electric powered bicycle in less than $1000, it deliver best value for money in less.

Lightweight Ladies Sports eBicycle in Modern Design

Yukon Trails Women’s Xpolrer Sport Hybrid Electric Bike
Amazon Price: $1,038.86
Yukon Trails Women’s Xpolrer Sport Hybrid Best Electric Bicycle
A perfect sports electric bicycle in black and white theme for a smooth ride. Fitted with a 250 watt hub motor powered by 10 ampere battery operated at 36 volt. Electric drive will make your life easier to travel long distance within the city. Apart from aesthetically pleasing look, it also delivers a very comfortable riding environment with nice seat, adjustable bars, rack for stuff.

Do You Really Need to Buy New Electric Bicycle or E-bike?

Is it feasible to Convert Your Old Bike into Motorized Bicycle?

What about the bicycle owners who already owns a manual version seeking a electric drive in their bicycle. They have two options, first is to sell your bike and buy a battery powered electric model and second is to convert your existing bike into a hybrid bike. The cost effective method is the later one, this will allow you to find parts according to your custom bicycle needs. However it is equally possible that you find a new bike in competitive price which will cost you much lesser than converting an old bicycle into motor drive. Due to immense popularity first time bike buyers should take hybrid bikes into consideration while choosing a new bicycle for college or general use.

How to Convert Your Existing Bicycle into an Electric Bike?

What it Takes to Transform Your Pedal Powered Bike into Motor Powered One?

This is not a hard to achieve, all you need to do it to buy a electric bike conversion kit instead of selecting a brand new model from best electric bicycles from marketplace. Normal Kits are composed of 200 watts to 1000 watts, you can choose the kit according to your custom bike needs. Some ebike kits includes battery in the conversion package, whereas others require you to buy a dry battery separately.  Each cycle conversion kit includes a do-it-yourself manual which will allow you to transform your manual bicycle into a hybrid one.

1000 Watts High Speed Cycle Conversion Kit

26 inch Rear Wheel 48V 1000W Electric Battery Powered Bicycle Motor Conversion Kit26 inch Rear Wheel 48V 1000W Electric Battery Powered Bicycle Motor Conversion Kit
Amazon Price: $259.97

One powerful bicycle add-on for 26″ models delivers a very powerful mechanical force from 1000 W electric drive (brushless hub magnetic motor), resulting in extremely fast 28mph top notch speed. This is a massive power which is rarely found in a bicycle. A large NiMH battery of 21 ampere is used for energy storage that outputs 48 volts electricity. Easy to follow guide helps you convert your pedal bike into a motorized bicycle.

DIY Mid-Range Best Electric Bicycles Motor Conversion Kit

REAR WHEEL Electric Bike Bicycle Motor Conversion Kit / USA / ebike kit / Electric Bicycle Kit
Amazon Price: $259.99
Rear Wheel best electric bicycles motor conversion Kit / USA / ebike kit / Electric Bicycle Kit
Don’t have enough cash to own the best hybrid bikes? Then this kit provides a very simple conversion of your manual pedal bike into electric motor based e-bike.  The conversion process will hardly take one hour if done correctly. Simply follow the DIY manual provided in the package and you will have it ready to go in short time. Main features includes a 500 Watts magnetic brush-less motor which is able to deliver 23mph speed and up to 20 miles of distance coverage. This kit does not include battery which you need to purchase separately.